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What I offer...

I work with Private clients as well as with Businesses in Corporate settings. I offer 1:1 private Stress Managementand Well Being Coaching, and working from more than one base, I am able to offer clients a choice of settings to be seen in.If however if you are inquiring from a business, I am able to offer you a selection of packages tailored to suit the needs of your Industry. I am also able to offer workshops to small groups on a variety of areas. 


Effective Management of Mood and Anxiety

We look together at the triggers of your low mood/anxiety and using a CBT approach to examine the impact stress has on your thoughts, feelings, physical feelings and behaviours. We outline strategies you can use to develop more positive ways of managing these areas of          difficulty, putting you in control and at the centre of your life rather than your symptoms.


Enhancing your Communication Skills

We look together at what are the barriers preventing you from        engaging effectively in communications with others, both at a formal level and with those closer to you. We assist you in developing a more      robust and assertive style of communicating your needs to others in a respectful person-centred way.


Developing a Positive Mindset

Having a more positive approach to life goes hand in hand with     contentment, peace, acceptance and good mental health. We examine supporting information from the Science of Positive Psychology around the areas of Positive emotions, engagement, relationships, motivation & achievement.


Improved Resilience and Self Esteem

Having a strong sense of self and being resilient are strongly related. Resilience training equips you for dealing with the inevitable ups and downs of life and allows you to bounce back from challenges more quickly and with less negative impact. Self esteem enables us to be confident and comfortable with who we are and not reliant on the  approval of others.

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