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I am able to offer a selection of Workshops on the following topics. These can be from 2 hours to a half day. For up to 20 people, please contact me for more details.

 'A Life in Balance'

Managing stress in the modern world


Developing Positivity and feeling happier


Emotional Well-Being

Giving our feelings a health check

& re-energising our emotions


'Who am I?'

Resilience building by

strengthening our sense of self.


Are you where you want to be?
How to live your best life.


How we interact with others

managing others passive aggression.


'Well Being'

A Stress Management health check


Saying No instead of Yes

Taking back control of your decision.


Rachael's style is very informal and relaxed but quite clearly informed and credible. 


The data was presented in a way that is very accessible and relatable.  


I love Rachael's clear and straightforward teaching manner. So often these days things get complicated and over-explained. 
It very quickly becomes apparent that Rachael has a huge passion and understanding of what she is sharing/teaching. She has a wealth of experience and puts you at ease immediately. The session I attended was very approachable, informative and useful’ 
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