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 Certified Life Coach

My name is Rachael Wells and I am an approachable & easy to engage with certified Life coach. I am York/North Yorkshire based and I have almost 25 years Professional experience working for the NHS across a variety of mental health settings, having previously worked as an Occupational Therapist, prior to taking a career break.  

I invest in  getting to know the client and developing a rapport. I practice in a holistic way, addressing the whole person, including a persons value systems, interests, aspirations and what is important to them. 

Qualifications : 

Diploma from the College of Occupational Therapy 1990

State registered Occupational Therapist

HCPC Registration number: OT18977 (DipCOT SROT).

RCOT Membership number : BT00872454

BSc. Degree in Health Science 1997

Certified Health & Well being Life Coach 2023

I am registered with CA (Coaching Association 72308327)

and the NHS Personalised Care Institute

I am a registered Mental Health First Aider.

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My Ethos

Working alongside clients , I examine the relationship between stress, activity, and the impact on mood, functioning, well being and quality of life. I work in a client- centred way, supporting the individual to set  achievable and realistic goals, examining their strengths, what   motivates them, and enabling  them to identify the obstacles to moving forward ; and implement positive change.​

By using a variety of evidence-based interventions and approaches, I can help you to identify symptoms of anxiety and low mood,  strengthen self  esteem, and build resilience for coping with life's pressures.    


Following on from an assessment of needs I will design you an individualised course of sessions, and by using practical techniques and strategies, and setting achievable targets, I will assist you in developing a more positive mindset and support you in developing a relapse prevention and staying well plan, enabling you to build inner resilience against day to day challenges and life’s unforeseen events.  

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