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We are delighted that you have found our website and read through the information provided.

Hopefully you are now inspired to take things a step forward and make contact with us.                                   


- Either ring, text or email me using the contact details on the website.

I’ll then ring you, at a mutually convenient time, to Introduce myself and have an informal chat about the areas of your life that you would like support with developing, and how I might be able to assist.

- Following on from this, If you feel you would like to access the 1:1 sessions offered by myself, you will be invited to completed a more detailed profile outline, providing me with a greater overview of your current situation, and where you would like to see yourself moving towards in the  future.


- Once this has been received and acknowledged by us, we can then arrange an initial   appointment.

- During the face to face initial appointment, we look

together at your profile outline, and discuss which

approaches and strategies might best meet your

needs. We also agree on a regular appointment time,

and how many sessions we will undertake prior to a


- During subsequent sessions, the subject matter

covered will vary   depending on what has been

agreed at the initial session. This enables our approach

to be individualised.


- Sessions last an hour and incorporate strategies

for you to take away and try out, supporting

information, reflection and discussion, coaching, and

goal setting.


- It is interactive and relaxed

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Is Life Coaching a good fit for you ? 

Before taking your enquiry further, it may be worth reading and considering the following questions.

  • Do I have the time availability to keep the allotted appointments with my Coach, and for myself to work on my coaching homework & new practices?

  • Am I ready to consider, set & achieve new challenges and goals to move myself forward?

  • Am I motivated to try different approaches to doing things?

  • Am I prepared to be challenged and open to have a more flexible mind-set?

  • Am I able to take regular actions to help achieve my goals, even if I don’t see immediate results?

  • Am I willing to work on changing my thinking patterns, to alter behaviours that limit my success?

  • Am I willing to be open and honest with myself & with my coach?

  • Am I able to acknowledge that ultimately I am responsible for my own happiness & well-being, and that I am also responsible for the success of my coaching.

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