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Offering practical approaches for 
managing life's challenges...


Redress the Balance


Experiencing low mood or anxiety?​

Would you like to cope better with   everyday stresses?

Are you chasing happiness, or would like to feel more content with life?

Would you like to be able to communicate more effectively to those around you?


Then try accessing our individualised practical stress management approaches.

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I have felt at ease with Rachael from the first time I met with her. She is a great listener and is genuinely interested in others. She is patient, kind and empathetic. 
When I first met Rachael I felt immediately relaxed.  She is both friendly and professional, both structured and flexible, allowing me to lead, whilst gently guiding me along a useful path.  Through the recommended techniques I have come to know myself better, and feel more prepared to deal with my problems and challenges."

- Anon

" Rachael has a great way of putting you at ease.I felt really able to open up and talk to her. She really helped me understand how to move forward again.

- Caroline 

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